Cloud Services

ThingSpek is a great cloud-service that offer storage and analytics. It can be used together with both ESP Easy and Flex ESP firmware.
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They offer a range of services depending on your needs. You can start evaluating the service for free FREE For small non-commercial projects and for evaluation of the service 3 million/year (~8,200/day)  


Register an account to get started with the service.

Create a New Channel


Configure the Channel

Field 1-8 are data storage for the different measurements

Save the Channel Keys

The keys will be used to store and read data from from the sensor and mobile apps. More information in how to configure the FlexSensor can be found under ThingSpeak sections in: ESP Easy and Flex ESP

Mobile APP’s

ThingSpeak offer an open API for developers so there are a loot of APPs to chose from. We recommend that you start by looking at the two apps below since they are simple and  for iOS & Android.

IoT ThingSpeak Monitor Widget

Android: Great Widget that you have on you home-screen to display values from the sensors. It also provides graphs in a nice and clean view GooglePlay In the Configuration you just type the Channel ID and Read API Key from ThingSpek.
 IoT ThingSpeak Monitor Widget- screenshot     IoT ThingSpeak Monitor Widget- screenshot 


Android & iOS: Simple but effective app that displays graphs of all your channels in one view. GooglePlay
 ThingChart - Thingspeak Viewer- screenshot     ThingChart - Thingspeak Viewer- screenshot